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How Companies Are Benefiting From China Urbanization

Foreign companies seeking China sourcing opportunities will be pleased with a recent report released by the National Bureau of Statistics. Large numbers of rural residents are moving into city hubs to find work. This rampant rise in urbanization is offering benefits galore to those companies doing business in China. The NBS report reveals that the urban population rose to 51.3 …

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China’s Overproduction of Solar Panels Floods Market

Solar panel technology has been enjoying an increase in use over the past several years and, therefore, higher sales around the world have been a result. China manufacturing companies of solar panels have been turning them out beyond capacity on the anticipation that customers will buy from China rather than manufacturers in other countries such as the United States. However, …

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Fabrication Demand Boosts China to Largest Silver Market Status

The Silver Institute based in Washington D.C. has issued a report stating that China is now the largest silver supplier to the world market. Demand for Chinese silver in futures, personal investment, and manufacturing use jumped by over 100 Moz (million ounces) within the previous 10 years with 2011 producing a record demand of 170.7 Moz. China recognized its silver …

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Largest China Weekend Sale for Apple with Release of iPhone 5

Apple Inc has happily announced their highest ever sales for a weekend in China of a smartphone product with the release of their new iPhone 5 on Friday. The announcement came from CEO Tim Cook and was the first time that country’s sales figures had been publicly released by the company. The debut of the new iPhone model hit store …

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Chinese Consumers Catching & Surpassing American Shoppers

Chinese consumers are rapidly catching up to American shoppers and, in some cases, they are already overtaking them. This is a world-changing trend that is moving away from the decades that have seen consumers in the United States as the driving engine of world economies. 2012 Reports and Projections The recently released Bank of China (BOC) report reveals that Chinese …

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China Bolsters Support for SMEs

Small and micro-sized enterprises (SMEs) are receiving a boost from the government of China. The move is an acknowledgement by the country that such firms producing China products are a key element of creating jobs and provoking scientific innovation. Although China manufacturing and other sectors are still experiencing strides in growth, more challenges are arising both within the country and …

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