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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Product creation and development is one way to add a powerful income source to your expanding repertoire. And a good way to accomplish the development and creation of goods is to do so by hiring a sourcing agent in China.

Sourcing Agent in ChinaFinding the right China sourcing consultant might not be as easy as it looks. You need a company that can cater to all of your needs. And you need to hire a business with overseas contacts with sourcing services in China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia as well. By doing business with a company with this many resources at hand, you’ll have the best opportunity to master product sourcing as efficiently and affordably as possible.

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China sourcing doesn’t need to be difficult when you hire the right company to meet your needs. Our staff has years of experience, and even more important, we operate as a full-fledged sourcing agent in China because of our many powerful contacts.

The Benefits of Our Sourcing Agent in China

We can help you in a wide variety of ways. Mainly, by providing all product development and manufacturing processes under one roof, we can offer you the following services:

  • developing merchandise
  • prototyping
  • engineering
  • QC (quality control)
  • graphic design
  • assistance with patent development
  • international sourcing
  • selecting the ideal factory
  • developing your personal brand
  • shipping
  • getting through customs
  • placement in offline and online retail locations
  • developing marketing materials
  • warehousing
  • designing the ideal package for your products
  • managing crucial timelines
  • and more

As you can clearly see, finding the right China sourcing agent to handle all aspects of your project might be difficult if you intend to do everything overseas. By hiring a company based in the US, you have easier access to the organization performing R&D, manufacturing, etc., while still gaining all of the benefits of product creation overseas.

Sourcing Agent in China – Graphic Design

Developing and designing top-quality inventions that people want to purchase is one thing. Graphic design, and creating the ideal logo, brochure, etc. for your invention is a whole other ball of wax.

When bringing a product to market, you have to do everything in your power to create a good first impression. China sourcing is only one step in the process. It’s obviously a step in the right direction, but you can’t overlook graphic design, marketing, and all of the other aspects needed to sell your creation.

Your packaging is one way that you will communicate with your customers. It has to have emotional impact for sure. But that’s not the only thing. It needs to convey the important messages about your brand, product, and everything else that you intend to get across to your customer.

When creating a package, every sourcing agent in China needs to hit upon certain key points in the design process.

Critical Factors for Package Design

There’s more to designing a package than creating a pretty logo. To get this right, you need to touch upon the following five key factors that will improve package design and make it incredibly effective.

The five key factors include:

  1. Your product package versus your competitors’ packaging – your market will have certain perceptions about the packaging presented to them. While you certainly want to stay in line with other products in the industry, it’s also important to distinguish yourself by creating something unique. Pay close attention to competitor packaging, design a package along those lines but also add your own unique twist.
  2. Demographic targeting – when bringing a product to market, you’ll have certain demographics interested in your offering. Make sure the packaging specifically targets the right demographics.
  3. Sales environments – every sourcing agent in China knows that the right packaging will get you into the best sales environments. Create a logo and merchandise package design that will open more doors for your offering.
  4. Stand out in the crowd – logo creation and package design are crucial to help your product stand out in the crowd. Your market is most likely busy and filled with numerous options. Make yours appear to be the best choice.
  5. Give your packaging personality – finally, your product package needs to have a personality of its own. And your personality should stress brand values, the quality of the merchandise, and much more.

Clearly, product sourcing overseas is an excellent opportunity. Choose our Sourcing Agent in China to serve you and work with the best US-based Project management company operating in Asia.


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