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Where to Find Good Quality China Products

How should you find good quality China products without sacrificing your investments? You need to understand the manner by which products you buy from the manufactures and tested to attain good quality that is ready to compete with other products made from other leading countries like US, Japan, Russia and Australia.

China products are now dominating the global market as it experience rapid increase in consumer consumption. In today’s world economy, China is expected to match or even take over the powerful US economy in ten to twenty years to come. From home improvement items, table wares, furniture, electronic devices, plumbing supplies, to apparels and a lot more of other product categories, products made in this country have turned to be the ones mostly found on top of the list. Over the years, China products have improved its quality as it soar to compete with products coming from other developed countries like US.

China Products: Quality

Product quality is based on how a product fulfills customer’s expectations. If the customer is pleased with the product, it is considered acceptable or even of high quality. On the contrary, if the customer is not satisfied with the product, it is marked with low quality. Hence, this means that the quality of a product can be defined as its ability to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

China products, being available on the global market for years now, have proven to provide customer satisfaction with its product quality. While others still do not completely trust products made here, as the stereotype about China products is not yet fully erased, China manufacturing companies seek to develop products that will go against this stereotype.

Every Product Development Company in China ensures that all their products undergo proper quality testing. Product testing is done as an integral part in product manufacturing to guarantee its passable quality in the global market. Testing is also done off-the-shelf by completely independent third parties to make sure the products being sold follows the regulated product quality by assigned agencies.

Product Quality Measures

Products approved to be sold in the market are assessed according to certain Product Quality Measures.

    1. Customer satisfaction index

Quality is absolutely measured in terms of customer satisfaction which is performed through conducting surveys done before and after product delivery, and is on-going on a periodic basis using standard questionnaires.

    1. Delivered defect quantities

This is normalized per function point (or per LOC) at product delivery (first 3 months or first year of operation) and is ongoing (per year of operation) by level of severity, by category or cause, e.g.: requirements defect, design defect, code defect, documentation/on-line help defect, defect introduced by fixes, etc.

    1. Responsiveness (turnaround time) to users

Turnaround time for defect fixes, by level of severity; time for minor vs. major enhancements; actual vs. planned elapsed time

  1. Defect removal efficiency

Number of post-release defects (found by clients in field operation), categorized by level of severity, ratio of defects found internally prior to release (via inspections and testing), as a percentage of all defects. All defects include defects found internally plus externally (by customers) in the first year after product delivery.

    1. Reliability

Availability (percentage of time a system is available, versus the time the system is needed to be available); mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), reliability ratio (MTBF / MTTR), number of product recalls or fix releases, and number of production re-runs as a ratio of production runs.


Where to find good quality China products is the crucial question for every entrepreneur to ensure that their investment is secured and cost effective. You cannot simply trust just any of the companies who offers you China products without guaranteeing its good quality which passed several product quality testing measures.

A China sourcing agent can help you in finding good quality China products by directing you to China manufacturing companies. Outsourcing China can help you find the companies with quality tested products. A China sourcing agent serves as your eyes in China who is on the look out for manufacturing companies with the products you need.

With the aid of a sourcing agent, you are reduced with the burden of selecting the most favorable manufacturing companies and tracking down their history with product development to make them truly dependable.

Your best way to locate China products availability is to use the services of a China sourcing agent who will represent you in negotiating with manufacturers in China while protecting your interests.

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