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When Creating A New Prototype For Product Development Company…

Specialized support and management are key to the accomplishment of any project for a Product Development Company. We have been manufacturing new products since the onset of business in 1982. We know the procedure and what to put emphasis on in order to get your invention developed proficiently and as you projected it. Our Asiatic Sourcing team distinguishes what drawbacks to watch out for and how to resolve growth problems if they rise.

Product Development Company Complete Process

In the process of a new Product Development would go through the subsequent steps:

1. Defining The Concept:

The principal part of the expansion includes understanding your need and the product you are trying to develop. During this first step, Asiatic Sourcing will study whether China would be appropriate and cost-effective to develop your product in. During this phase, we will also review and recommend on intellectual property rights and the best way to guard your original design.

2. Define Appropriate Factories:

Through this phase, our agent investigates and classifies factories to work with. The best factories based on quality, costs, reliability, pertinent experience, among other factors are presented to the customer for review.

3. Prototypes:

Once the customer has designated a factory/factories to advance with, prototyping will start. This includes completing condition sheets, AutoCAD sketches, molds, etc. then the manufacture of the prototype by the factory. This phase tends to be the most work intensive, with troubleshooting ongoing through the manufacturing process.

4. The Approval:

When the customer has accepted the right final prototype, the development phase is done.

Auxiliary Services

Asiatic Sourcing likewise can produce exact product development company services for plans already underway.

Product Development – Intellectual Property Protection and Advisement

Asiatic Sourcing comprehends that in any business, confidentiality and the security of your project matters. Making sure to guard your designs and projects is a top priority and should be given careful consideration when buying China products. While the low-cost advantages of Chinese manufacturing are highly desirable, intellectual property rights protection is still a concern. This is in spite of the Chinese government increased efforts to crack down on copyright infringement in order to encourage further foreign investment and production in the country. We will study your condition, present the best choices to make sure your property is safe, and help you complete and put those safeguards in place.

Molds Manufactured

With Product Development, you’re not just looking to create your product, but also preparing to manufacture it on a large scale. In many cases, it will require proprietary molds. Our Asiatic Sourcing team of Quality Control Professionals helps in the planning of all conditions to produce the molds including Auto CAD sketches and specification information. Then we will work with a select factory to make sure that all molds are made according to your stipulations. When the process is complete, all the mold rights, specifications of the project, and sketches are the property of your company.

Mold Tracing and Administration

When working with factories, tracking your molds can be vital to controlling your Intellectual Property. This is particularly the situation when working with a new factory with which business relations are not yet in place. Asiatic Sourcing offers classification, tracing, and administration facilities to guarantee that you are always in control of your molds.

Quality Control Certification, Requirement Sheets & Auto Cad Sketches

The manufacturing competencies in China have gotten progressively more sophisticated and as a result, regular Quality Control certification and Auto-CAD sketches are commonly accepted in factories all over China. With our in-house engineers, we can aid you develop and create the Quality Control Certification, such as AutoCAD sketches, that is required to approach factories for proper china manufacturing of your product. Upon finishing the product development, you keep rights and possession over all the certification and sketches used through the project.

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