Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our vision is to be acknowledged as the worldwide leader in China sourcing services. For the procurement of your product development, manufacturers and Chinese Factories.


mission statementWe put our client satisfaction as our #1 priority. When our clients are pleased, we are pleased. We do this by caring about our clients and their corporations triumph while following our values.
Our vow is to grow through outstanding business service, employee growth, pioneering processes, original solutions and technology.

China Direct Values

  • INTEGRITY – We make it a point to always do what is right and keep our commitments.
  • Results Oriented – We listen and comprehend our clients. We center on their desires and build into our sourcing methods the main essentials of success: price, quality and on-time delivery. We know the extent to which these are interrelated and indivisible.
  • Accountability – We require it from all of our stakeholders and aid our clients and suppliers in integrating into our accountability process.
  • Excellence – Our quest is for unrivaled quality in all aspects of our business. We try hard to always improve and demand the same from our customers and suppliers.
  • Fun – We believe that fun is a key component to life. People who enjoy themselves learn efficiently, comprehend different ways of thinking, experience reduced stress, and are more successful.


Our customers are forward-thinking owners and senior executives who comprehend the challenges of Chinese outsourcing. Their aim is to grow their business, improve their margins, institute and preserve clear and effective communications with suppliers and consistently beat their competition. We help business owners and executives create a solid, predictable and sustainable supply Chinese chain.


We are proud of our staff. They are the backbone of our success. Each employee contributes individual strengths; originality and enthusiasm. They work with mutual trust in a teamwork atmosphere, with esteem and interdependence. Our sourcing teams perform with passion, integrity and proficiency. With a service oriented mindset we constantly bring insightful solutions and excellent service to our clients.

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