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13 Steps to Manufacturing in China

13 Steps to Manufacturing in China is a comprehensive, soup to nuts break down of what needs to be done to establish a Chinese manufacturing plant. It is a step-by-step reference book for establishing a Chinese factory. If you are considering building a plant, this book is an absolute must-read. But it goes far beyond that because all of the thirteen steps have at least some application for virtually any foreign (and probably domestic) business in China.

Thirteen Steps to Manufacturing in Asia defines the methodology for establishing a Chinese manufacturing operation. A comprehensive guide book, it includes the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese manufacturers, the specific steps to follow and prepares the reader for spending time in Asia.  It identifies the prerequisites – where to locate, other companies’ experiences, environmental requirements, utility costs, procedures for establishing a foreign investment company and much more.  It then provides the “how to” for sourcing Chinese equipment, importing used or new equipment and building construction from Design Institutes to  building permit through construction and the Grand Opening.

Source: Amazon

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