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Malaysia Sourcing That Reduces the Risk of Overseas Manufacturing

malaysia-sourcingOverseas manufacturing can be a scary proposition to the uninitiated. And in particular, Malaysia sourcing is tough to break into without the proper connections.

As a Malaysia sourcing service, it is our job to help you every step of the way from start to finish throughout the entire product development and manufacturing process. With our years of experience and expert assistance, you’ll be able to navigate new waters overseas so that you can master the product development process with our help.

Sourcing from Malaysia has never been easier since we’ve started offering our services in 2010. And for the last six years, we’ve been lucky enough to help hundreds of companies just like yours.

But the truth is that our founder has been in this industry for more than 25 years. He knows the business back and forth, inside and out, and has mastered sourcing in Malaysia and other South Asian countries including Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Thailand to name just a few.

Are you afraid of making a mistake when choosing a Malaysia sourcing agent? It’s very easy to mess up this part of the process. Instead of trying to break through the language barrier and get help from a company already overseas, hire a Malaysia sourcing consultant based in the US instead.

As your sourcing agent in Malaysia, we can help you with the entire manufacturing process, and make sure that you get it right from the start. This will prevent you from wasting thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and prevent those difficult head-scratching moments that never seem like they are going to come to an end.

Why Choose Us As Your Malaysia Sourcing Provider?

If you still aren’t convinced that our 25 years of experience in this industry can help you overcome the hurdles that you face, then please read more about the services that we offer.

Some of the ways that we can help you with Sourcing in Malaysia:

  • Product development – we have a dedicated team of engineers and designers that are ready and willing to bring your product to life. Our staff is teeming with eager engineers who look forward to the challenging work that product development entails. Our team is highly qualified for this mission and we can seriously help with the development process by creating prototype samples, providing a list of materials needed, creating CAD drawings, and so much more. When our domestic team is through, we pass everything over to our overseas team to begin the manufacturing process.
  • Patent protection – when bringing a new product to market, one of the most important things to consider is adequate protection and security. This is your intellectual property at stake, so creating patent protection is of the utmost importance. The first step is to get trademarks and copyrightable materials. We also take it a step further by analyzing the intellectual property of your competitors to find out if there are any potential legal hurdles to overcome.
  • Retail placement – our company has an expert sales staff and can place your products throughout retailers in Canada and the United States. Remember, it’s absolutely necessary to make a strong first impression right out of the gate. Since our team has connections with retailers across North America, we will effectively assist you in placing your product in many locations that you normally wouldn’t have access to without our help.
  • Financial assistance – lacking the necessary funds should never prevent you from bringing a product to market. Do not let a lack of financial resources prevent you from taking advantage of Malaysia sourcing. We have many excellent contacts with money lenders that specifically deal with lending for the overseas manufacturing process. And our financial associates realize that our customers have an opportunity at gaining increased margins through overseas manufacturing, and this makes you an excellent potential candidate for this type of business loan.

Final Thoughts on Sourcing From Malaysia

To wrap things up, please pay close attention to the following services that we offer as part of our full-service package deal: product development, engineering, prototyping, global sourcing, patent assistance, factory selection, quality control, managing timelines, graphic design, package design, brand development, shipping, marketing, customs clearing, retail placement, warehousing and more.

To take advantage of 25 years of experience with Malaysia sourcing, please call us today.

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