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Apple Increases Doing Business in China During 2013

Good news for those seeking to begin or increase China sourcing. After a year that saw Apple open 33 new stores in 2012, the giant maker of iPad and iPhone has announced that they will establish another 30 to 35 stores in 2013. The company says that around three quarters of the new stores will be located internationally.

Several of these new additions are expected to be in China following the very successful opening of the flagship Wangfujing Apple Store in Beijing in October of 2012 which is the largest in Asia. The Wangfujing store is located in a high traffic area that caters to both local and foreign shoppers and which joins two other Beijing Apple stores located in Sanlitun and near Tiananmen Square in Xidan.

This announcement of new store growth reveals that Apple is increasing in sales and expects to capture even more of the Asian and, particularly, Chinese markets. The release of the new iPhone5 on January 11 of this year saw record Asian sales over that weekend as Chinese snatched up more than two million of the iPhones in a 3-day period.

Apple announced that 2012 sales saw a 33 percent increase ($4.7 billion) over the previous year. Much of this profit is earmarked for this move to increase their exposure in foreign markets. The company wants to boost its international brick-and-mortar store presence to numbers more even with its U.S. stores. Currently, they have 250 U.S. stores and 140 international stores in operation.

Currently, Apple is in the process of building another store in Shenzhen where several of its China manufacturing partners are already located. Overall manufacturing numbers have been climbing in this lucrative country prompting more companies to take advantage of the relaxing regulations, well organized supply chain, abundant resources, cheap workforce, and growing middle class that has a hunger for China products.

It’s not only large corporations making a move to Chinese destinations, but small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also rushing to set up shop in cities across the country in order to meet the demand of those looking to buy from China. This is in part due to the rising quality of China products that were once seen as undesirable, but are now becoming more in demand. Better quality is occurring mainly because foreign investment in the country continues to increase and bring with the companies setting up shop here better management with higher quality standards, something which the Chinese lack preferring to produce quantity instead.

For those looking to follow the lead of Apple and other big corporations and establish a greater influence in the Chinese and Asian markets, contact Asiatic Sourcing to assist you with connecting with reliable China sourcing candidates.

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