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China Suppliers from a US-Based Chinese Sourcing Agent

Are you interested in capitalizing on the cost benefits and product development capabilities available through international manufacturing?China Suppliers China suppliers – at least good ones – are often difficult to find. But with our help and over 25 years of experience, we can connect you with the perfect Chinese suppliers to help you begin manufacturing products overseas.

How we help you find China Suppliers

Ultimately, our company has a mission that we take very seriously. At the end of the day, as far as finding the right supplier China is concerned, we promise to work diligently in the following ways:

  • Customer risk prevention – first and foremost, when looking for suppliers in China, this is often a risky proposition if you’ve never pursued overseas manufacturing before. Although our company has only been in business since 2010, our CEO and founder has worked with China suppliers since 1992. This makes us unique in our ability to help you. We provide information that will allow you to choose the right suppliers from China and other overseas markets including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India.
  • Provide additional value through add-on services – our company does more than find the ideal overseas manufacturer and China supplier. We offer a wide range of services perfect for companies in every industry. The services that we provide include but are not limited to patent protection, financial assistance, retail placement, warehousing services, and fulfillment; graphic design packages including logo design, mockup packaging, packaging design, sell sheet design, brochure design, tradeshow booths, product styling, textile design, online and print advertising, etc., brand development, clearing customs and more.
  • Multiple manufacturing options overseas – we do much more than looking into suppliers from China. In fact, we have many fantastic connections in South Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. We discover the perfect manufacturer and investigate every one of our potential overseas choices to get you the perfect deal and high-quality manufacturing at a low cost.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction – as a China sourcing service operating on Long Island in New York, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We work diligently to make sure that the entire experience is enjoyable, fruitful, and ultimately what our customers were expecting when doing business with us.

As it should be obvious to everyone at this point, finding a Chinese supplier or another overseas manufacturer can be difficult. This is especially true if you’ve never sourced products overseas in South Asia.

Instead of taking a huge gamble and putting yourself at massive risk, why not trust our company instead? With over 25 years of experience, we are the absolute perfect choice and provide full-service options from start to finish.

Questions About China Suppliers

Instead of jumping right in with blinders on, our customers typically have questions about us and China suppliers. The most common questions include:

  • How many people do you have on your staff? We have a large staff of over 50 people operating overseas at this point. And our staff includes a wide range of experts in many areas including management, sourcing, engineering, quality control, graphic arts, product development, sales, customer service, and more.
  • How do you handle defective products? Well, our major concern with Chinese suppliers is quality control. And with this in mind, we have plans in place to inspect manufacturing at four different times during the process. One inspection will come directly from our engineering team. The factory will also provide an inspection. We have a team dedicated to inspections that will also look over the products. And you, the buyer, will also perform your own inspection for quality and craftsmanship. As you can see, we do not take defective products lightly. In fact, we work diligently to head off any defective products before they ever appear.
  • I’m worried that my ideas are going to be stolen. Is there any way to protect them? Yes, we have certain measures in place to prevent idea theft and we understand its importance. For starters, we only do businesses with manufacturers that we can trust. We choose companies that we have a strong relationship with that we’ve developed over the years. Plus our staff is on hand to monitor any potential wrongdoings and prevent them before they ever take place.

Contact us immediately to find out how we can help you with finding top quality China Suppliers.

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