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With our extensive Quality Control Services China Direct is able to insure a great sourcing experience In order to guarantee that from sampling to delivery, your product meets or surpasses your expectations, Quality inspections are a vital part of the sourcing process. You can relax and center on the more demanding matters of your business because of our tested and proven Quality Control staff. We offer these superior services as your China sourcing manager. We guarantee that your products match your quality standards.

The team at China Direct is made up of American trained engineers capable of examination services that fulfill with international quality control standards such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003, AQL standards, and a range of ISO standards including ISO 9227:2006, ISO 1461:1999, and ISO 2768-1. In order to make sure product integrity will never be lost due to external pressures; our Quality Control staff cooperate with the sourcing division, keeping their entities separate.

Full Range of Quality Control Services

We offer our expert quality control services throughout the whole sourcing process. Our services extend over the whole production process. Our services are offered both as an individual service as well as part of our general sourcing procedures in China.

The Outline


China Direct delivers custom reports on exact factories such as in-depth audits and due diligence to introductory fact checking. A full factory summary report will be sent to the client after the examination with full communication networks lasting open to guarantee the reports are as clear and far-reaching as possible.


Gather and examine samples according to your conditions before placing an order. In order to have quick and trustworthy information to make a knowledgeable choice, we can offer a full inspection report the same day the sample is received.


In order to check the factory for quality and ability to deliver, pre-production inspection is normally done before the placement of an order. If the goal is a long-term cooperation, China Direct commends a PPI before placing any order with a new factory,.


If any modifications are necessary before the entire order is finished, a checkup of the first few products off the production line will disclose. This is suitable for newly developed or tailored products to guarantee the order will meet all specifications.


Similar to an IPI, the Mid-Production Inspection is essential to checkup on a factory at some point during the production. This is useful when dealing with a new factory and to make sure appropriate manufacture and quality control measures are in place and upheld.


Factoring monitoring involves a Quality Control professional on the factory floor monitoring their production. When working with new Chinese manufacturers producing high cost goods with costly materials this process becomes mandatory. This diminishes the possibility of raw material interfering and other production hazards.


An arbitrary sample of a predetermined proportion of the whole order before an order is loaded and sent comprises the customary Pre-Shipment Inspection. The scope of the inspection may be broadened to make sure the problems are not widespread throughout the order if beyond acceptance issues are found. This inspection is built-in with our Complete Sourcing Program.


Also recognized as defect sorting, The Full Shipment Inspection is done by separately examining each product in the order. This is beneficial for high priced goods or intricate products in order to keep specified quality standards. In most cases, if problems were found, the products would be arranged and sent back to the factory for replacement or refund. This thorough inspection procedure is also used in circumstances where each item of the order must follow the quality specifications, such as a direct shipment to a client’s customer.


The Container Loading Inspection involves a Quality Control professional on-site throughout the loading of the container. This is customarily combined with a PSI as an additional precaution to make sure the order will not undergo any damages through the loading process and to avoid any likely concerns that may appear as the goods are being moved during shipment which may also cause damage.


We also offers a full series of services for creating Quality Control documents, such as requirement sheets or sketches for your new or existing products. Our China sourcing agent services deliver you with outstanding performance. Call us for more details.

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