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  • The Method – 3 stages to lowering business expenses and improving viability
  • Known Problems – Recognize the problems that the majority of business encounters
  • Benefits – In what way Manufacturing – Can aid your business achieve max benefit
  • Stress Free Guarantee – Devoted experienced, assured quality

China Sourcing Advantages

Partnering up with our company can meaningfully increase your company’s profits by decreasing prices and giving you a viable advantage in the marketplace with superior manufacturing partners and the most effective China sourcing strategy out there.

China sourcing is the correct answer for many established manufacturers, distributors or service firms. Working with our Chinese manufacturing partners, your business can lower expenses, save time and obtain quality products tailored to your specific needs.

We have years of experience with its tried and tested trade partners and manufacturing. Below is an outline of the process our Chinese specialists undertake and how manufacturing works to improve business production.

China Sourcing Process


Analysis & Get a Quote


Place Order & Quality Control


Receive Shipment

  • Know Client’s Requirement
  • Define Standards & Requirements
  • Manufacturers’ Credentials
  • Quotation Provided
  • Requirement Finalization
  • Sample Processing
  • Client Review
  • Order Process
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Product Packaging
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Consolidated Shipment
  • Shipment & Delivery
  • Client Satisfaction
If Not Using Us – These are Common Outsourcing Problems You May Encounter
  • No access to the trustworthy overseas manufacturing industry or supply market
  • Lask of understanding about the china culture and sourcing supply market.
  • Limited resources and connections with overseas Chinese Manufacturers.
  • Inability to preform due diligence
  • Extensive loss of time within the China Sourcing process
  • Experiencing sourcing and supply problems due to poor communication and supervision of project.
  • Inability to take into account culture and language difference this may create a communication barrier
  • Problems rise that can’t be managed punctually and correctly due to long distance
  • Communication inefficiency caused by the different time zone
  • Incorrectly managed the outsourcing process can be a costly process
  • Risk valuation can’t be recognized and observed properly
  • Product quality can’t be assured.
  • Poor quality products are shipped out from the factory arriving at your door in the USA
  • Freight forwarding and customs problems can be experienced
  • Wasted business resource due to untimely logistic preparation and document administration by procurement staff
How We Are The Solution

China Direct offers tactical China sourcing, procurement and contract manufacturing services of high standard. These services will have lots of benefits for businesses. Below is an outline of how we can aid and how our services function.

Reduced cost
  • Established buying power as a result of dealing with our established manufacturing partners in China which cover a wide range of industries
  • Pre-qualified and reliable manufacturers
  • Utilize our specialized resources, connections, skills and experience
  • Our American manufacturing and sourcing specialists work on the ground in China for you.
  • Easy access to different industry zones across the country
  • Multiple supplier comparison, evaluation and selection.
  • Our Specialists negotiate and obtain the best deal possible without compromising product quality
  • Our strategic resources save time and create cost efficiency.
  • We help you outsource non-core business processes allowing you to cut down on operation and personnel cost in house.
  • We save you tons of money in the process and give you peace of mind
China Sourcing Quality control Measures
  • Systematized quality control process.
  • On site verification and inspection whenever needed.
  • Product details and specification communicated to the Chinese Manufacturer in their native Chinese language.
  • Issues managed and resolve promptly as they arise
  • Product sample, quality and standard are verified before delivery to overseas for final approval
Improved efficiency
  • Existing pre-qualified supplier list
  • Broad connection and networking, knowledge and experience of the Chinese manufacturing industry
  • Easy access to Chinese manufacturing industry
  • Our Chinese specialists deal with complexity of culture and language
  • Streamlined product development process
  • Product sample quality and standard are verified before delivery to overseas for final approval
  • Monitor completion time during each stage
  • Well managed consolidation and delivery on time
Minimized risks
  • Manufacturers verification by Chinese team
  • On-site inspection whenever needed
  • Systemized quality control procedure conducted on the spot
  • Issues managed as they arise by Chinese team working on site
  • Effective native Chinese language communication
Increased profit
  • Lower cost will be added to the bottom line of profit
  • CEO or domain experts save a significant amount of time and can focus on core business
  • Gain more market share by staying ahead of competition
Peace of Mind Guarantee
  • Directly importing from China may sound attractive until you find out how expensive it is to frequently travel over there to fix the problems that tend to arise.
  • Clients that have tried to ‘do it themselves’ are actually our most loyal clients, because they know the value of the peace of mind we deliver.
  • We are committed in taking responsibility in each step towards supplying you quality products in China Sourcing.
  • Our experienced bilingual project managers stay continually on top of your project and make sure communication is perfect. Our onsite specialist continually monitors each project.
  • We guarantee if the products we provide do not meet the prototype standards we developed for you; we will provide a FREE replacement of defective parts. (Conditions apply)

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