China Quality Control and Engineering

China QC and Product Engineering

Product EngineeringAre you in need of assistance?  Asiatic Sourcing has engineers located both in the United States and around the world standing ready to help you with all of your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These specialists have years of professional experiences in manufacturing.  They can assist you with creating new products using state-of-the-art 3D modeling and design programs, but they can also create detailed drawings from your existing products.  Asiatic Sourcing professionals can also help you with testing and quality control procedures.  Our team will listen to your needs and concerns about imported products, safety codes, and material quality.

Because our team works with third party testers and labs, we understand the entire testing process and how it can be applied to your products.  We can help with all aspects of testing: material analysis, consumer product testing, CPSIA compliancy, and environmental testing.  We can also evaluate your product to make certain it meets the testing requirements of major retailers like Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, HSN, and Federated Department Stores.

Our Capabilities

We can assist you with the following areas of quality control and engineering:

  • Help improve your existing products – we can evaluate and test your existing products to identify areas that can be improved upon or ways to add value to the product.
  • Reverse/Forward Engineer products – we can help create product drawings and select the best materials for your existing products.
  • Create Quality Control and Testing Procedures – we divide this process into two sub-categories:
    • Testing: we work with a number of accredited third-party testing groups so that we can test products to meet most ANSI Standards.
    • Quality:  quality always comes first.  To make a quality product, you have to examine the entire manufacturing process from factory selection to delivery.  We will take a statistical sampling of your products to check them for total quality.  Our teams use an inspection criteria matrix developed by Asiatic Sourcing’s U.S. engineering department.  In addition to random sampling, we also employ a group of product inspectors based in countries around the world to supervise production and detect problems before products are shipped.

Our China Quality Control Methods:

china sourcingWe use several different methods to ensure that the highest level of China quality control is maintained.  Our team documents all aspects of quality control, including listing all factory audits, changes to engineering processes, product inspection, and all corrective actions taken by suppliers.  The methods and recording processes where all created by our professionals and approved by our clients.  This transparent process allows our clients to see exactly what our quality control teams are doing, which greatly benefits them.  All final reports and engineering documents are kept strictly confidential but are always available to the client.

Factory Audits:  One of the first and most important aspects of quality control is selecting the best factory for production.  Before selecting a factory, our team will visit several possible options and interview the workforce.  We will audit each factory and assign them a grade based on the client’s needs.  Only the highest graded factories will be selected to partner with us to help you go China Direct.

Changes in Engineering Processes:  During the design and even manufacturing process, a product may go through several different design changes.  Sometimes these changes improve its functionality or longevity, while other times they add value to the product.  We will make sure the factory clearly understands these changes by issuing an Engineering Change Notice (ECN).  The ECN will include revised design sketches or images and a clearly written text description of the desired changes.  ECNs will be signed and dated by Asiatic Sourcing, the client, and the factory to insure that everyone has seen and understood them.

Product Inspections:  With each product that needs statistical sampling, Asiatic Sourcing will issue a detailed inspection form that will define how the inspection will be carried out and what criteria will be inspected.  This form can be used by our inspection team and by the client.  Before it is released, however, our overseas team will inspect the product to make certain that it does meet the specifications we have on file before it is produced.  This baseline will allow inspection teams to correctly identify malfunctioning or under-quality products.  All inspections will be recorded and the batch, date, and results shared with the client.  By performing a quality inspection before the product leaves the manufacturer, quality can be guaranteed and maintained.

Making Corrective Actions:  If, for any reason, a factory is producing products that do not meet the quality or design requirements, Asiatic Sourcing will send that factory a Corrective Action order.  Often, Correction Actions are issued after the first product sample is finished in order to slightly improve or refine the product.  This first sample is the one that is most at risk of not conforming to the standards set for the product.  Once the sample is thoroughly inspected and all discrepancies and errors discovered, the factory will be issued a Corrective Action that lists all errors and how they are to be corrected.

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