China Prototyping and Product Development


Other terms for Chinese Product Development:

  • Chinese Production Subcontracting
  • Chinese Industrial Manufacturing
  • Chinese Product Development
  • Project Managing in China
  • China Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Projects Follow up
When to use this type of service

You are thinking about the creating a new product.
You have thought of a product but still looking for a place for production
If you want a trustworthy western partner protect your interests.

Then our Program might be right for you!

What we do for you?

Product design: we assign our professional engineers to work on your product design. With our professional staff, your product can be designed, corrected, improved and optimized. 
This stages may include the working internal mechanical part (Pro-Engineer, CAD, 3D) or outer design (aesthetic).

Prepare and review data sheet and requirements: we can aid you by studying your technical prerequisite while your next product is in the Development phase.

As “your connection” with our manufacturing partner, we manage the project from A to Z throughout the entire process. We account and do the connection amongst your western production team and the local Chinese manufacturer.

Prototyping: administration and creation of your first prototype and golden sample. It will later be used as a reference to start mass production.

Negotiation and contracting: as your representatives we negotiate pricing with the provider and we take the responsibility concerning vital arrangements to establish all vital protections between you and the Chinese manufacturer.

Production monitoring: we oversee the manufacturing process, solve potential problems that might occur, and then we apply instant and well planned corrective action in order to make sure the manufacture process respects quality, cost and lead-time. These stages might also include factory and employee preparation.

Intellectual property: in case the client asks us to, we are able to manage the whole process related to intellectual protection: copyright, registration.

A suitable answer does lower manufacture cost while regulating bad surprises and risks.

This deal can assist you to:

  • Enhance industrial manufacture price
  • Operate subcontracted manufacturing in China overseen and directed by western engineer.
  • Enhance your marketing product time
  • Subcontract in China a portion of your production on non-critical parts
  • Diminish design and production price
  • Decrease fee related to china prototyping and molding
  • Decreasing manufacturing price is possible as long as you have the right partner

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Rapid prototyping is a method used to accelerate the innovation process.

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