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It can be hard to find traditional Oriental furniture In America. China Direct is a leading supplier of Asian home decoration. Using Rosewood furniture and Chinese screens, as well as jade decorations and step tansu cabinets, the carpenters make exclusive designs that combine East and West in fascinating ways.



Our knowledge of the North American market has permitted us to produce award-winning designs in our China Furniture production line, merging beautiful traditional Chinese styles with utilities for today’s way of life.


We not only know the magnificence of Chinese art, but the delicacy of the work of these wonderful wood products, and also the tales behind each work of art. We vow all of our handmade creations to be produced with traditional methods. Our Chinese inspired product designs are always truthful to its original.


We have been supplying the west for years with Chinese wood products, and have remained in the sourcing industry for more than two decades. We comply to the highest industry standards in the products we provide.


All we offer is produced in our own factories or imported straight from the maker in Asia. We remove the intermediaries to bring you savings.

Diverse Choices

We have the biggest diversity of choices. From whole room settings to delicate collectable accessories, we always have in stock more than 4,000 articles and over 2,500 of them are obtainable online. We can also produce a custom design of an item to meet your unique needs.


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