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China Product Sourcing That Protects From the Uncertainty of Overseas Sourcing

As we’ve mentioned in the title, you will experience a lot of uncertainty revolving around China product sourcing. China Product SourcingAnd it’s okay to be fearful if you plan to manufacture products in high-volume to sell overseas and other parts of the world.

Product sourcing in China doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task. In fact, when doing business with us, we source products in a number of different South Asian countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, as well as China.

Why Consider China Product Sourcing As Your Best Bet for Manufacturing Success?

Chinese product sourcing and sourcing products, in general, is nothing new. But to many of you reading this, it’s going to be brand-new to you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you should consider choosing us to find the perfect overseas manufacturer.

Those reasons include:

  • Currently, the US has the first largest economy, Japan has the second-largest economy, and China has the third. But that is all about to change, and China is ready to overcome Japan and become the second-largest economy on a worldwide scale.
  • Chinese currency is becoming more valuable due to a push by European nations and the United States. The Chinese government has intentionally kept the value of their currency low through artificial means, but this is changing due to the additional pressure.
  • Manufacturing a product China is quite attractive right now when compared to manufacturing domestically. As a matter of fact, by manufacturing your product overseas, you can save as much as 30% to 50%. This creates a tremendous opportunity to earn intense profits.
  • As far as Chinese factories and other factories in South Asia are concerned, they have many skilled workers and are the ideal source for a product sourcing service.

Clearly, China product sourcing is valuable and its stock is currently on the rise. Are you ready to begin manufacturing overseas? Call us if you’re looking for a US-based company to help you navigate these rough waters.

What to Expect When Sourcing a Product from China through Our Company

Like most people, you probably have many expectations. And you may even worry about China product sourcing through our company. We’d like to help put your mind at ease by sharing information about what you can expect from us.

This includes:

  • Fully customizable service – we can help you with all aspects of the manufacturing process from start to finish. As a matter of fact, many companies trust us because of our ability to help them every step of the way. We offer the following services: engineering, prototyping, product expansion, patent support, factory selection, quality control, managing timelines, graphic design, brand development, designing packages, creating marketing material, shipping, clearing customs, warehousing, retail placement and more.
  • A wide range of overseas manufacturer options – many people come to our website and think that we limit our overseas manufacturing options to China, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we have many strategic relationships with other manufacturers in South Asia. In particular, we work with factories in Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
  • 25 years of experience in South Asian manufacturing – although our company is based in the United States, we have nearly 25 years of experience in this industry, since our CEO first got started back in 1992. Because of this long history of operating overseas, we have developed many relationships with factories, engineers, product developers, and more. And we would like you to benefit from our knowledge and connections in this industry. It takes all of the guesswork out of the process for you and allows you to piggyback on our experience.
  • Quality control – getting low-cost products made overseas is one thing. But getting products that are worthy of your investment is something altogether different. We have four levels of quality control in place to guarantee that our customers only get the best products from Asian manufacturers. Not only will you personally approve your products, but our engineering team, our quality control team, and our team at the factory will also thoroughly look at each product and give it our stamp of approval.

To get started with professional China product sourcing at Asiatic Sourcing. Contact us at a time of your choosing for more information.

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