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The Importance of Contracts When Doing Business in China

Some companies doing business in China don’t believe that there is a need for contracts with their counterparts. Some will say that the Chinese won’t follow the contract terms anyway, while others insist it would be futile to try and enforce them in Chinese courts. However, there are some very good reasons to draw up contracts with those you are …

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China Sourcing Tips for Finding Quality Partners

Every year, thousands of companies turn to China sourcing in order to set up businesses or company branches in this booming country. Chinese partners offer a lucrative means of producing competitively priced goods as well as providing an inroad into nearby growing Asian markets. However, not all Chinese partners are good to work with as some place quantity over quality, …

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Microsoft Turns to China Sourcing for New R&D Center in Wuxi

A strategic cooperation agreement has been signed between Microsoft and Wuxi’s municipal government. Wuxi, located in Jiangsu province, will be the recipient of a CNY300 million investment by the computer giant that seeks to construct a Chinese based technical support center. This particular center, which is expected to be constructed over the next three years, will be the second such …

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Sina Weibo – China’s Social Network Provides Business Linking Outlets

Affectionately referred to as China’s version of Twitter, Sina Weibo leads the way in social media outlets which have seen a huge explosion over recent years. Social interaction among the Chinese has multiplied much farther than anyone had anticipated, creating an online atmosphere that has spread far and wide throughout the country. Weibo itself has netted 300 million of the …

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How A China Sourcing Agent Helps

In the global market, entrepreneurs and inventors alike coming from different cultures could hardly settle on business agreements primarily because of the difference of language and culture. Matters and concerns are difficult to discuss due to language non proficiency. How would an entrepreneur be able to find the company where the product he needs are available? Likewise, how can an …

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