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5 Steps for Acquiring Good Product When You Buy From China

If you are planning to buy from China producers then you want to ensure that you get good product. The Chinese are notorious for placing quantity high above quality when manufacturing products. Although workers are normally committed to their tasks, they don’t receive much pay or incentive to meet quality guidelines, only quota expectations. Therefore, we are providing five steps …

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Buy From China Versus the US In World Trade

This is interesting reading. The Chinese versus the US is a challenging book that argues that the Chinese, because of its belief in Mercantalism, has already begun a trade war not only against the US, but against the entire World Trading System. And not only that but the fact that China is winning! It is a thought provoking article that …

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Nestle Wins Clearance to Buy From China

The Chinese market is huge and creates large opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to expand their market. This purchase will help Nestle regain traction in the Chinese baby-food market, where it has been losing market share. Nestle SA (NESN), the world’s largest food company, won regulatory approval in China for its $11.9 billion acquisition of Pfizer Inc. (PFE)’s infant-nutrition unit. …

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China Buying Up US Real Estate

Did you know that Foreign investors who put at least $1 million into a US business and meet other requirements can be eligible to apply for a green card. The minimum investment in high-unemployment areas such as East Toledo is $500.000. China Buying Up Real Estate in the US, Businesses, Natural Resources, Real Estate, Treasuries, Fuels, Construction Continue Reading Source: …

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Buy From China – History of USA Chinese Trade

For those interested in the history of American Chinese Trade Ancient China collides with newfangled America in this epic tale of opium smugglers, sea pirates, and dueling clipper ships.Brilliantly illuminating one of the least-understood areas of American history, best-selling author Eric Jay Dolin now traces our fraught relationship with China back to its roots: the unforgiving nineteenth-century seas that separated …

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China Outsourcing Comments

An interesting point of view. Check it out. Image source:… Aren’t we supposed to think globally? Continue Reading Source: Rss

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China Telecommunication Firms Warned

The fact is that all telecommunications firms that are major players, develop and manufacture equipment in China. This includes those in western nations. These overlapping supply chains require industry-wide solutions. It is interesting that China telecom firms are being singles out. Clearly an industry wide solution is necessary. Image source:… American companies should avoid doing business with China’s two …

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