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China Economy – Will leaders keep it growing?

The Chinese governments credibility comes from making life better for its people. Clearly it is in the best interests to maintain growth in manufacturing and exports. This is not only vital to maintain credibility at home but to also maintain stability. As we watch the decisions of the nations leadership in the months and years to come, this should prove …

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Doing Business With China? Tip For Success

This article will be informative to our exporters and other businessmen who are challenged on the issue of doing business in China. Read ‘Doing Business With Mainland China (Part II)’ on Yahoo! News Philippines. • Today, a new generation of professionally-minded and often Western-trained family members are now taking over by inheritance business control and leadership. They are at a …

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Doing business in China – Canadians get boost.

This is the biggest foreign trade treaty since NAFTA. It will come into effect on Nov. 1 and remain in effect for the next three decades. It will be interesting to see what it will mean for small and medium Canadian businesses in China. Image source: https://www.vancouverobserver.c… Beth Hong The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA), Canada’s biggest foreign trade …

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Doing Business In China – Get exposure

The Cathay Pacific China Business Awards reward the achievements of British companies succeeding in China and Hong Kong, and offer the winners a high-profile chance to meet top business people in the region. Companies are competing in the prestigious Cathay Pacific China Business Awards, which will give them a valuable boost to their credibility in the region. Continue Reading Source: …

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China Manufactures Glass iPhone Screens Better than the US

This news article is sure to spark some debate. The China manufacturing community is hungry to succeed much as the United States was in the late 1800’s. That products a drive that is important for businesses to succeed. It also has contributed much to the success of the chinese manufacturing base. Source: Youtube

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13 Steps to Manufacturing in China

13 Steps to Manufacturing in China is a comprehensive, soup to nuts break down of what needs to be done to establish a Chinese manufacturing plant. It is a step-by-step reference book for establishing a Chinese factory. If you are considering building a plant, this book is an absolute must-read. But it goes far beyond that because all of the …

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China Outsourcing Comments

An interesting point of view. Check it out. Image source:… Aren’t we supposed to think globally? Continue Reading Source: Rss

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China Telecommunication Firms Warned

The fact is that all telecommunications firms that are major players, develop and manufacture equipment in China. This includes those in western nations. These overlapping supply chains require industry-wide solutions. It is interesting that China telecom firms are being singles out. Clearly an industry wide solution is necessary. Image source:… American companies should avoid doing business with China’s two …

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